TTSR 2015: the site and travel blog

Write a blog, share a photo while sailing, travelling and sightseeing.

While some part of our company team is keen on sailing, during the briefing to the design of this site we come up a question: How to publish and share with others all those beautifull places that sailors meet during their voyage? Althought there are many answers to that question, we followed our sailing experience and knew that in order to answer it there is one more thing to get to know: ... how to do it in the most efficient way?

We have carried out an analyse of many solutions, including a dedicated applications, SMS/MMS communication, mobile sites, but the winner was simple ... e-mail! Nowadays each phone has got an email client builded inside and on most phones operating system requires to provide and configure an e-mail account. Our task was to build an integrator between dedicated mailbox and web site. The application arranged the content on the site (title, descriptions, photos) and took a GPS position from the photo. We put GPS coordinates into the map.


The code works here: