We are proud to announce, that we are about to finish our first site with ZURB Foundation 5 framework.

ZURB Foundation is a rich frontend framework, equiped with features that helps to code faster. In our site we used typical functionalities like sticky menu, buttons, but also we tried something new - off-canvas.

Facebook forbids collecting likes to allow page access
Last month we were working on creating a 'like gate' for our client - a system for that would allow to view the content when somebody like the page. To our surprise the system worked quite randomly - sometimes Facebook allowed to view the page after like, sometimes not.
Our code went behind the Europe, we have dropped a few lines of code in Denver.
Our task was to polish the frontend code so that the site would look more regular and attractive. The site runs Drupal 7 and uses pretty nice frontend framework - Zurb Foundation. Our main part of work was done in SASS and JS. We took care about mobile version too.
We have built our first APS application for Parallels Automation
For our client we have prepared a APS package for his hosting services implementing Parallels Automation.
PiKey system will run ticket distribution on concert and medical conference.

Our newest implementation of PiKey system will carry on the registration of medical conference, including scientific work collection and detailed registration, and also we will provide ticket selling system for music festival Bass Planet. Both systems are equipped with e-commerce platform for payments.


Now it is a year time since we started to build a fashion portal Face&Look, now we have closed e-commerce integration for them.

It is quite successful way to offer visitors something more. Before we could find opinions and a shop where to buy, now there is also a possibility to buy those products on a website. Everything packed into the box, ready for a gift. From the backend site we have integrated payments from and invoices from

There are two additional components available in our systems - payments and invoicing.

Our partners leading fashion portal - is going to introduce new service for their readers. To accomplish this tash we integrated polish payment integrator and invoicing service Final solution supports storage management, order management, invoicing and shipping.

After 6 weeks we have released our first e-learning platform Kuźnia Programistów.

The goal of the system is to provide a platform to learn programming for people who have nothing with programming till now. Lessons cover issues witch C and C++ programming languages and provide a branch of tasks for students. When a student aquire knowledge from a lesson he is oblidged to write a code and run it through the site.

Nearly 1 000 people use EliteCard 2 months after launch.

EliteCard is discount card that gives the owner and people around favorable payment terms. Each discount can be between 10-80%. Most of the offer covers food & drink, but there are also entertainment offers, medical, turism and much more.

Not only by developing useful software, but also in everyday life.

IT is an tradition in Grupa.IT and GIT SYSTEM to travel 'for chocolates' and support blood donation every few months. We believe that engagement in charity and supporting other people is very important thing in today's fast moving world.

Multilingual, multiuser, AJAX ordered, media optimized + lounge reservation system

Colorful, elegant and usability optimized.

During the weekend we are taking part in a half marathon.

During the 34th edition of The Griffin Half Marathon a new record has been set before the competition started. During this year's edition there will be over 1200 participants - up by approximately 350 on last year's 850.

Among them we have our own representative - Kris is going to try this distance. Good luck!

New entertainment venue in Szczecin powered by GIT SYSTEM

We are designing a website and a venue registration system for a new club. The page will be two dimensional - entertainment & professional and the additional functions will provide a venue reservation system. The Imperium club starts in two months time - fingers crossed for a successful business and exciting future relationship.

If you have visited our website and wanted to contact us, now you can :)

Contact form was the last missing element on our new page, now you can see it here.

You are very welcome to use it everytime you need our help or want to contact us.

How to manage information between departments in a company
The flow of information among corporation units and departments is an very individual matter and for any successful organization it must have features specyfic for the company.
We have just closed registration for The Tall Ships Races

The first chapter - marketing and registration of recruits has finished. We have almost 200 people which will take part in the upcoming event. The recruitment process was carried out with electronics system made by GIT SYSTEM, the system was responsible for gathering and verification of forms.

The new brand is coming. Lets uncover a few notes.

A few words about the new project: